25 May 2024
1,000 Chinese soldiers practice near India 3

1,000 Chinese soldiers practice near India 3

Chinese soldiers and militiamen from 20 units participated in a `record` exercise near the disputed border with India.

At a press conference on June 25, Lieutenant Colonel Ren Quoc Cuong, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, said that the country’s military has held more than 100 military coordination exercises this year.

The Chinese military has stepped up training along the border with India, including a `record` high-altitude exercise with 1,000 soldiers from 20 units in early June, but did not detail the location.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nham said the exercise `aims to strengthen the border guards’ fighting ability in extremely cold, harsh and risky environments`.

Chinese artillery exercises on the Tibetan plateau in September 2020.

India’s Hindu newspaper recently reported that the Chinese military is training new Tibetan militia units near Pangong Tso, a disputed lake near the site of a deadly brawl between soldiers of the two countries in June.

A few hours after the bloody brawl in the Galwan valley on June 15, 2020, the Chinese army’s Tibet command announced that it was establishing 5 local militia units.

India and China began withdrawing their troops in April, but the two countries are suspicious of each other and still maintain about 100,000 soldiers along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), an undemarcated border.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nham said the Chinese military used more ammunition in live fire exercises than in previous years, but did not release the data.

`The Chinese military has accelerated the process of replacing weapons in recent years. Some shells and missiles that are about to expire were fired during exercises,` the source said.

1,000 Chinese soldiers practice near India

Location of clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers in 2020. Graphic: Telegraph.

Clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers escalated in May 2020, culminating in a deadly brawl in mid-June 2020, killing 20 Indian soldiers and 4 Chinese soldiers.

India and China accused each other of violating the LAC section passing through Ladakh, urging the restoration of `peace and tranquility`, but pledged to resolve border tensions peacefully.

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