19 July 2024
Canada considers Vietnam a key partner in the Indo-Pacific 0

Canada considers Vietnam a key partner in the Indo-Pacific 0

(Dan Tri) - Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam Shawn Steil emphasized that Ottawa considers Hanoi a key partner in the Indo-Pacific and the cooperation between the two countries can bring positive things to the world.

(Dan Tri) – Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam Shawn Steil emphasized that Ottawa considers Hanoi a key partner in the Indo-Pacific and the cooperation between the two countries can bring positive things to the world.

Canadian Ambassador to Vietnam Shawn Steil (Photo: Duc Hoang).

`Canada considers Vietnam a key partner in an Indo-Pacific region that is more secure, prosperous, comprehensively developed and sustainable,` Ambassador Steil said on August 24 at the Commemoration Ceremony.

The event was attended by Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan and representatives of ministries, departments, branches, unions and businesses of the two countries.

In his speech, the Canadian Ambassador mentioned important milestones in the good friendship between the two countries over the past half decade.

`Based on deep people-to-people ties, we reaffirm the rich and profound friendship between the two countries. We are committed to promoting shared interests and working together to effectively address common challenges.`

He affirmed that the two countries are contributing to greater common prosperity by strongly promoting rules-based trade and investment through the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

He said that in order to support Vietnam’s ambitious commitments to the environment and climate change, Canada is increasing support for Vietnam to transition to clean energy, respond to climate change and develop the economy.

According to the Canadian diplomat, he believes that the trusted partnership between Canada and Vietnam will not only bring greater prosperity to the two countries but also be a force for peace and security in the world.

`The warmth, diligence and open spirit of the Vietnamese people give me great confidence in the future of Vietnam and the next 50 years of the Canada-Vietnam partnership,` he emphasized.

Canada considers Vietnam a key partner in the Indo-Pacific

Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan (Photo: Duc Hoang).

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Dao Hong Lan said that 1973 was a year when Vietnam had many historical events, typically the signing of the Paris Agreement, bringing peace to the country.

`The peace-loving Vietnamese people still remember the gesture of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau when he opposed the escalating war and was one of the first Western heads of state to decide to establish diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

The Minister said that Vietnam appreciates Canada’s contributions to the process of ending the war in Vietnam last century and this is the premise for relations between the two countries to continuously develop, bringing benefits to the people.

Ms. Dao Hong Lan quoted President Ho Chi Minh’s poem to talk about the relationship between Vietnam and Canada: `The country is far away but the heart is not far / What a companion, what a brotherhood.`

The Health Minister recalled important milestones in the relationship between the two countries, such as visits by senior leaders of Vietnam and Canada.

She especially emphasized that after Vietnam – Canada established the Comprehensive Partnership framework in November 2017, bilateral relations have gained new momentum to develop strongly in the fields of economics, trade, and medicine.

She affirmed that Vietnam is happy that bilateral trade turnover in 2022 has reached 7 billion USD and continues to maintain an increasing momentum in the context that both countries are active members of CPTPP.

Canada is Vietnam’s third largest trading partner in the Americas.

The friendship, understanding and attachment between the two peoples are constantly cultivated through cultural and people-to-people exchange activities and the bridging role of the Vietnamese community living and working.

Ms. Dao Hong Lan said that Vietnam always values ​​its relationship with Canada and hopes that the relationship between the two countries will be increasingly strengthened in the direction of friendship, cooperation, long-term stability, mutual benefit, for peace and stability.

`Vietnam welcomes the Canadian Government’s increasing interest in and active contributions to the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, valuing the central role of ASEAN as well as its role as a bridge and trade window.`

`Vietnam’s international role is increasing`

Canada considers Vietnam a key partner in the Indo-Pacific

Ambassador Shawn Steil in an interview with the newspaper (Photo: Duc Hoang).

In an interview with the press on the same day, Ambassador Steil said that Vietnam’s role in the international arena is constantly increasing.

`Part of the contribution to this is Vietnam’s economic growth. Vietnam is leading the region, and possibly the world in terms of economic development speed. The world is increasingly looking towards Vietnam as

`And soon, Vietnam will not only be a place of production but will also be a place to recognize creativity and innovation. We will not only buy products made in Vietnam but will also be products invented in Vietnam.

According to the diplomat, Canada sees that Vietnam is increasingly demonstrating its leadership role in the region and globally.

He was impressed by Vietnam’s progress and integration in the global economy.

`Vietnam’s role in multilateral organizations of which a number of organizations our two countries are members such as the Francophone Community, the United Nations, and ASEAN is increasingly increasing. Vietnam is a partner that we can

The Canadian Ambassador also shared about the North American country’s Indo-Pacific strategy.

He listed five keywords to describe the priorities in the Indo-Pacific strategy: cooperation, peace, prosperity, people-to-people diplomacy and for the planet.

He said that Vietnam plays a very important role in Canada’s efforts to realize the Indo-Pacific strategy.

In the interview, Mr. Steil also revealed that Canada will have a new embassy in 2024 and this will be an accessible, modern building that meets the criteria of sustainable development.

Canada accompanies Vietnam on the path of development (Video: Canadian Embassy in Vietnam).

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