25 May 2024
The Beckhams and the stars mourn the 'King of Chanel' 1

The Beckhams and the stars mourn the 'King of Chanel' 1

The Beckham family, along with Gigi, Bella Hadid and many fashion houses, were saddened when they heard the news of Karl Lagerfeld's death at the age of 85.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld – creative director of fashion house Chanel – passed away on February 19 in Paris (France) due to old age and weak health.

Victoria Beckham poses with Karl Lagerfeld in `The House of Chanel`, 2018. She and her husband are familiar guests in Chanel shows.

German star – Diane Kruger – Chanel’s one-time muse – sad: `I cannot express in words how important you are to me. How much I will miss you. I will never be able to

The Beckhams and the stars mourn the 'King of Chanel'

Karl Lagerfeld and his beloved cat Choupette.

`My heart is broken into pieces. I don’t know what to say… There will never be a second Karl Lagerfeld. Every hour spent with him, in addition to being happy, I am very inspired. I wish I

Many names in the fashion industry sent their gratitude to the legendary Chanel

Designer Donatella Versace – president of the Italian fashion house Versace – shared: `Karl, your talent has moved many people, especially Gianni and me. We learned a lot from you.

Alain Wertheimer – CEO of Chanel – expressed: `Thanks to his creative talent, foresight and sharp intuition, Karl Lagerfeld was ahead of his time, making a great contribution to the success of the empire.

Bruno Pavlovsky – President of Chanel Fashion – said: `From show to show, from collection to collection, Karl Lagerfeld made his mark on the House of Chanel (House of

The Beckhams and the stars mourn the 'King of Chanel'

Chanel couture Spring Summer 2018

Chanel’s Spring Summer show 2018.

Pietro Beccari – Chairman and CEO of Dior fashion house – said he admired the late fashion house because he was a person with deep and wide knowledge in many fields: `I can talk to him for hours about anything.

Katie Grand – Editor-in-Chief of Love Magazine wrote: `There are so many wonderful things to say about you, our happy times. You are a special, amazing genius. I am honored to meet you.`

Some Vietnamese designers also expressed their condolences to Karl Lagerfeld.

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