18 June 2024
The US stopped its plan to attack Syria 3

The US stopped its plan to attack Syria 3

The US decided to stop its plan to attack Syria in 2013 and continuously implemented dual plans thereafter.

The US decided to stop its plan to attack Syria in 2013 and continuously implemented dual plans thereafter.

The US stopped planning to attack Syria in 2013

In a recent interview with Foreign Policy magazine (FP), former US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel told about the moment the US government decided to stop planning to attack Syria in 2013.

According to Mr. Chuck Hagel, in 2012, in the context of many suspected chemical weapons attacks occurring in Syria, US President Barack Obama publicly warned Syrian President Assad that his regime would face confrontation.

Former US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

On August 21, 2013, the US accused Assad’s government of using chemical weapons to attack a suburban area in Damascus, killing hundreds of civilians.

On August 30, 2013, the US military was ready for war.

When everything was ready, President Obama suddenly ordered a halt to the plan to attack Syria.

Mr. Hagel criticized that Mr. Obama still decided that the United States would not take any military action against the Syrian government, ignoring the `red line` he had set.

“History will determine whether it was the right decision or not.

Later, many military leaders around the world told Mr. Hagel that their trust in Washington had been shaken with Mr. Obama’s sudden decision.

“A president’s words are valuable and when the president says something, it’s a big deal,” the former US Secretary of Defense declared.

According to Mr. Hagel, after deciding not to launch a military attack, the White House was unable to find a suitable, clear policy on Syria.

The White House declined to comment on Mr. Hagel’s above statements.

`The end result is the elimination of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons programs,` the official emphasized.

The US reveals its double-dealing in the war in Syria?

This is not the first time information about the White House’s hesitation in plans in Syria has been published.

Last October, at the Valdai discussion forum, the Russian President accused the US of playing a double game by using terrorists for its own purposes.

“There cannot be `moderate` terrorists.

Terrorist groups `grow` at each other in the area.

The Russian President said that some countries are playing a double game.

The US stopped its plan to attack Syria

President Obama repeatedly hesitated in his plans in Syria?

“It is impossible to succeed in the fight against terrorism if some of those groups are used as tools to overthrow unloved governments,” Mr. Putin declared.

The Russian leader said that with this method, terrorists will not be eliminated.

“It is an illusion to think that it is possible to deal with, take away power or negotiate with these groups later,” he emphasized.

Not only that, the US’s `double-minded` tactics are also clearly shown in the ceasefire orders in Syria.

Remember, the ceasefire agreement in the Middle Eastern country is for opposition groups but does not apply to territories controlled by jihadist groups such as IS and the Al-Nusra Front linked to Al-Qaeda.

Although the US repeatedly requested all sides to respect the ceasefire, the White House did not mention the allies’ disturbances.

“Stagnation is inevitable.

Even the White House repeatedly mentioned plan B right after the ceasefire agreement had just been signed and was still waiting for implementation.

On February 24, a source from an officer of the Combat Command in Iraq’s Anbar province said that the US has decided to build new military bases here.

This move from the US side shows that the country is strengthening its contingency plans in the context of the new Syrian ceasefire agreement signed with Russia on February 22.

In particular, recently, when the situation on the Syrian battlefield became more volatile, the White House repeatedly issued refusals to the Kremlin.

Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Baldanza, Pentagon spokeswoman, said at a press conference on May 24 that Washington had coordinated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to try to regain Raqqa from IS, but said,

Previously, on May 21, Mr. Jeff Davis, Pentagon spokesman, also frankly rejected the request for joint air strikes in Syria and affirmed that the US and Russia have different military goals.

`We do not collaborate or coordinate with Russia in any campaign in Syria,` Mr. Jeff Davis said.

According to Mr. Davis, Russia’s campaigns aim to support the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while the US only focuses on weakening and defeating IS.

Clearly, from the very beginning when carrying out plans in Syria, Washington played a double game in its statements and military activities.

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