25 May 2024
Cemetery with funny tombstones in Romania 3

Cemetery with funny tombstones in Romania 3

Making jokes about anyone who has died is considered `offensive` in many parts of the world, but at Merry Celemery, the resurrected often write on the tombstones interesting things about the deceased and sometimes even secrets.

In the north of Romania there is a small town called Sapanta.

Visiting Sanpanta, tourists are recommended to visit Merry Celemery – a famous cemetery of the town.

On it are engraved images related to the deceased’s work, telling life stories during their lifetime or revealing some shocking secret.

People here want to humor death so they don’t feel heartbroken.

The first person to engrave humorous poems and receive enthusiastic responses from the people was carpenter Stan Ioan Patras.

In 1935, he began writing poems on a grave and continued until his death in 1977. By the time of his death, Stan had decorated more than 800 graves in the cemetery.

Nowadays, when a person in the village dies, their family will come find Dumitru and ask him to decorate the cross and tombstone.

His poems are often very humorous, making many visitors laugh.

Cemetery with funny tombstones in Romania

On each tombstone is a description of the deceased’s occupation or hobby while he was alive.

Rough translation of the poem: `This is where I, Stefan, rest. When I was alive, I loved drinking. When my wife left, I drank because I was sad. Then I found that the more I drank, the happier the alcohol made me.

Road to town:

Sapanta is 15 km northwest of the city of Sighetu Marmației and lies roughly south of the Tisza river.

Sibiu and Bucharest are two destinations that tourists should not miss when visiting Romania.

In addition, visitors should also choose famous castles in this country on their list of destinations to visit.

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