25 May 2024
Cerezo Osaka 2-2 Man Utd: David Moyes faded with red 0

Cerezo Osaka 2-2 Man Utd: David Moyes faded with red 0

Coming out with a strange blue shirt, it seemed that David Moyes's students also lost their status as a big team against Cerezo Osaka.

Van Persie does not show the class of a top striker in the world.

The 2-2 draw seemed ideal for a friendly match, but it sowed growing doubt in the hearts of Man Utd fans.

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Twice led by the Japanese team, Man Utd had to rely on luck to earn a draw in the final seconds.

The most typical are two situations where Van Persie missed an opportunity right at the beginning of the match.

In the same situation as Van Persie are two teammates on the attack, Welbeck and Kagawa.

Meanwhile, Kagawa had a good match in terms of the attacking position but will be given a bad score in terms of finishing.

The attack lacks sensitivity while Man Utd’s defense still appears careless.

In Man Utd’s deadlocked picture, the bright spot has come from Wilfried Zaha.

As for Cerezo Osaka, they have the right to regret not winning.

At the end of the match, the person who was most worried was probably coach David Moyes.

Cerezo Osaka: Jinhyeon, Sakemoto, Fujimoto, Yama, Maruhashi, Yokoyama, Kusukami, Fabio, Sugimoto, Minamino, Edno.

Subs: Takeda, Tada, Moniwa, Araiba, Bando, Yoshino, Edamura, Kurogi, Akiyama, Kogure, Mukuhara

Man United: Lindegaard;

Subs: De Gea, Amos, Evra, Anderson, Fabio, Cleverley, Zaha, Lingard, Keane, Januzaj.

Goals: Sugimoto (34′), Minamino (64′) – Kagawa (54′), Zaha (90+1′).

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