19 May 2024
Devil's town in Serbia 2

Devil's town in Serbia 2

The cold wind blows and whistles through the strangely shaped stone pillars in Djavolja Varos every night, making visitors shiver because they still hear the screams of demons somewhere.

Djavolja Varos in Serbian means `devil’s town`.

This large land has a total of 202 vertical stone pillars, described as pyramids with a height of 2 – 15 m, the base is 4 – 6 m wide.

Serbia is a landlocked country in southeastern Europe, located on the southern part of the Pannonian Plain and the central Balkan Peninsula.

According to indigenous people, stone pillars protected by helmets can be dissolved by water erosion, but will then quickly return to their original shape.

In addition, when the wind blows through the gaps in the stone pillars, they create strange sounds, sometimes like howling, sometimes whispering like a devil’s voice crying.

Many legends revolve around the formation of this strange rock field, the most famous is the story related to the three worlds of Gods – Demons – Humans.

Devil's town in Serbia

The terrain in the north of the country is mainly plains while the south is mountainous.

Many years ago, Djavolja Varos was inhabited by parishioners.

A fairy whose duty is to protect this place tried to prevent this from happening but in vain.

The Serbian government is also very concerned about this natural phenomenon.

Road to Djavolja Varos


One of Serbia’s main airports is Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, 18 km from the center of the capital Belgrade.

From the airport, visitors take bus number 72 to Belgrade center.

In addition to the bus, visitors can also choose a mini bus from the airport to Slavija square with a fare of 2.8 USD and takes about 30 minutes.


There are several international trains (running day and night) connecting Belgrade with Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria.

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