27 May 2024
Hoang Hiep - 'poet' of immortal musical compositions 2

Hoang Hiep - 'poet' of immortal musical compositions 2

Hong Nhung, My Linh, People's Artist Thu Hien and writer Nguyen Quang Sang share their feelings and memories about the talented musician.

Hong Nhung: `His music will forever live in the heart of Hanoi`

Since my childhood days when living in Hanoi, I have heard the song Where Love Meets by musician Hoang Hiep.

Singer Hong Nhung.

The first time I stood on a professional music stage was when I was 17 years old.

Remembering Hanoi (see clip) is not only the song that started my singing career but also followed me throughout my musical career.

Later, when I came to Saigon, the first time I met musician Hoang Hiep was when he was sitting with musician Trinh Cong Son at the headquarters of the Ho Chi Minh City Music Association at 81 Tran Quoc Thao.

Many generations of domestic singers have successfully performed Hoang Hiep’s music.

My Linh: `Never let go of my emotions when singing Return to the River of Childhood` (see clip)

A few days ago through the press, I learned that musician Hoang Hiep is in a deep coma.

I have met him many times and to me Hoang Hiep is a talented, lovable, and respected musician.

Hoang Hiep - 'poet' of immortal musical compositions

Singer My Linh.

Among Hoang Hiep’s songs, I really love Return to the River of Childhood, the song is as Southern as his personality but at the same time very close to the thoughts and feelings of any people in any region.

Hoang Hiep’s passing is a great loss to the Vietnamese music industry.

People’s Artist Thu Hien: Singing Hoang Hiep music since the age of 15 (Watch clip)

The song `Hello on the banks of Hien Luong` was put to music by musician Hoang Hiep from a poem by Dang Giao in 1956. In 1967, I was a 15-year-old girl who crossed the route from North to South and stood right at Hien Luong bridge, Ben Hai river to

In 1972, from Dong Ha, on this side of Thach Han river, I once again performed this song looking forward to Quang Tri.

I would like to share with the musician’s family the shock and emotion when he passed away.

Hoang Hiep - 'poet' of immortal musical compositions

Musician Hoang Hiep is simple in real life through the lens of journalist Thanh Hiep.

Nguyen Quang Sang: `Remember the time I ate braised flexible fish and sour sesbania flowers with Hoang Hiep…`

Hearing the news of Hoang Hiep’s death, I suddenly remembered the memories of the many times the two brothers returned to their hometown in Cho Moi, An Giang to eat braised flexible fish, sesbania flowers…. and sip some wine.

I remember when I finished writing the novel Childhood River, I gave it to Hoang Hiep to read.

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