25 May 2024
Hong Nhung: 'Between me and Trinh is definitely love' 0

Hong Nhung: 'Between me and Trinh is definitely love' 0

The light music diva has had a successful year and is looking forward to one day fulfilling a woman's most sacred mission.

The love affair between Hong Nhung and Trinh Cong Son used to waste a lot of ink and paper in the press.

– What is the reason for a small swallow like Bong to appear in Hanoi in this cold weather?

– I am very excited to go to the North with my close musician brothers to do a semi classic program with the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra.

In this CD, I perform a number of world-famous musical works, songs composed by myself or composed by other musicians for me, such as Nothing In This World – the main song in the movie `

– Choose two songs by Trinh Cong Son from an album released close to the 10th anniversary of the musician’s death.

– With Mr. Son, I have many memories.

In addition, I also participated in the memorial program organized by the musician’s family.

Hong Nhung: 'Between me and Trinh is definitely love'

Even in his free time, Bong still combs his hair and sings.

– There is a relationship between you and musician Trinh that is very difficult to name.

– Around a famous person, there are always many different directions of public opinion.

I can only say that, in the last 10 years of Trinh Cong Son’s life, I was lucky to meet him, to be so favored by him, to stand side by side with him as a friend to a friend, a student to

– Is your way of thinking at all influenced by the traditional ideology of Asian women: Let everything in the past pass by, avoid evoking ashes that burn present happiness?

– That’s not my reason.

Hong Nhung: 'Between me and Trinh is definitely love'

Time seems to forget this woman.

– You yourself are very fragile, Asian, but it seems like everything related to you has a bit of Western touch.

– I always see myself as `the East meets the West`.

In the outside world, everything is constantly moving, forcing us to move too.

– But the person who often appears by her side is not her boyfriend but her father’s current partner.

– Mother Mai – my father’s wife, in addition to family relations, she is also my closest friend.

Hong Nhung: 'Between me and Trinh is definitely love'

Hong Nhung practices with the Vietnam Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of conductor Le Phi Phi.

– People often say `a few generations of cake has bones` but not only with Mai’s mother, she is also close with her father’s previous wife, Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Thai.

– Yes, I have a friend who often teases Mai’s mother as `Banh Duc with bones`.

I’m not a teenage girl anymore.

– Regarding reputation, in Vietnam there is no title greater than diva.

– I always tell myself how lucky I am!

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