25 May 2024
Is entrusting grandparents to look after their grandchildren 'disfilial'? 1

Is entrusting grandparents to look after their grandchildren 'disfilial'? 1

Many people complain when parents on both sides do not help them take care of the children, and even think that it is the grandparents' responsibility to take care of their grandchildren.

In fact, whether or not you should rely on elderly parents to take care of your children is a controversial topic.

Asking grandparents to take care of their grandchildren is forcing them to live a repetitive life.

Asking grandparents to look after their grandchildren is forcing them to live a `repetitive, repetitive` life.

When you give your children to them, you take away their freedom.

Readers of Aboluowang newspaper, China, had fierce debates around this topic.

Asian culture attaches great importance to the value of elders in the family, unintentionally putting pressure on them by imposing the responsibility to take care of the next generations and to support children economically if possible.

In fact, each person has their own life.

The formation and development of social thinking is something that cannot be changed in a short period of time, but each person still has to make efforts to change this concept.

In fact, the reason grandparents proactively take on the task of looking after their grandchildren comes from seeing their children’s daily hardships and life pressures.

How are your parents’ age and health?

Taking care of a child is tiring, especially if you have more than one child.

During child care, you also need to remember that if you rely on grandparents, you should only care for them for a certain time frame, after that, you need to `release` them so they can rest.

Can you discuss with grandparents about how to care for and raise children?

Conflicts can arise and hurt both sides, due to differences in perspectives on raising and caring for children.

You should be delicate in money matters

Of course, not all grandparents take money for babysitting, but they have the right to do so – because they babysat your children.

In one way or another, you can send gifts, send a small amount of money… for your grandparents to spend, especially in cases where they do not have enough money.

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