19 May 2024
Korean Lunar New Year 1

Korean Lunar New Year 1

Students go to teachers' homes to bow to sebae, men bring wine to wish their elders New Year, and in many places women are not allowed to break ground during the Korean New Year.

Historically, Koreans have considered January 1 of the solar calendar as the first day of the new year.

Sebae is the traditional bowing ceremony of children to their grandparents, parents and superiors during the Lunar New Year.

Early on the 1st day, students will visit teachers’ homes to perform the sebae bowing ceremony.

In difficult economic times, a bottle of wine is considered quite a lot.

In some regions, people are taboo about letting women break into the ground.

Koreans do not have the custom of eating dumpling soup (also known as rice noodle soup) like Koreans.

In more remote areas, commune and ward officials will bring baskets of flowers from farms to visit the city.

Korean Lunar New Year

North Koreans often use songpyeon, a semicircle-shaped rice cake, along with other dishes to prepare for ancestral offerings early on the 1st. Photo: The Independent TBD.

Couples will not date on these days to avoid gossip.

After the sebae ceremony and visiting the monument, everyone will have more free time after lunch.

Teenagers from about 15 – 16 years old can organize their own drinking parties.

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