25 May 2024
Minister of Health: 'Vietnam Covivac vaccine has good protective effect' 7

Minister of Health: 'Vietnam Covivac vaccine has good protective effect' 7

The Covivac vaccine has been researched in Vietnam, India and the US, with consistent results showing that the vaccine is effective in preventing Covid-19, according to Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long.

Minister Long said the above at the ceremony to receive 20 billion VND in funding for research and testing of the Covivac vaccine produced by the Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals (IVAC) under the Ministry of Health, on February 27.

Vaccine batches submitted for clinical trials have been evaluated for quality at the manufacturer and the National Institute for Testing (NICVB).

Minister Long said Covivac was developed on a technology line that Vietnam has completely mastered.

`Up to now, research results show that the vaccine has quite good protective effect and has the potential to deal with Covid-19,` the Minister assessed.

Dr. Duong Huu Thai, Director of IVAC, said Covivac is Vietnam’s second Covid-19 vaccine approved for clinical testing, produced using chicken egg embryo technology.

`Current assessments show that Covivac is effective in preventing both the British and South African variants. With future variants, we will do more research,` Mr. Thai informed.

At the end of January, Covivac was approved by the Biomedical Ethics Council, Ministry of Health, for its clinical trial protocol.

Covivac vaccine is produced by IVAC.

Phase 1 will begin testing in early March with 150 volunteers aged 18-59 divided into 5 groups, including a placebo group, conducted at Hanoi Medical University.

Phase 2 of implementing the pillow after the first phase of 43 days with 300 volunteers aged 18-75 years old, was carried out at Vu Thu district medical center, Thai Binh province.

Mr. Thai said that Ivac’s current production capacity reaches 6 million doses but by September it can be upgraded to 30 million doses a year.

`According to calculations, each dose of Covivac vaccine does not exceed 60,000 VND,` Mr. Thai said.

Minister Long said that to have a new normal life, Vietnam determines that there must be a vaccine to prevent Covid-19.

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