19 May 2024
These hotels used to be prisons 2

These hotels used to be prisons 2

From prisons with a long history, Loewengraben, Liberty and Malmaison were renovated to become places of rest and relaxation with almost intact architecture.

Below are 5 typical hotels reconstructed from prisons, where visitors can experience prison life and learn about history.

Loewengraben, Switzerland

A renovated Loewengraben guest room.

Located in the old town of Lucerne, Loewengraben used to be a prison since 1862, but in 1999 it became a hotel.

Loewengraben is also suitable for organizing seminars with full equipment.

Old Mount Gambier Gaol, Australia

Located in the city of Mount Gambier, in the state of South Australia, Old Mount Gambier Gaol was used as a prison between 1866 and 1995. Later, it was transformed into a classical-style holiday destination for tourists.

Visitors can not only eat and stay but also learn about the prison’s history through places such as the chapel, library, and rest rooms.

Liberty, USA

Liberty Hotel is located in Boston, Massachusetts, once famous as a prison called Charles Street Jail, operating since 1851. After more than 120 years, prisoners here protested due to poor living conditions.

These hotels used to be prisons

Modern decoration does not change much of the old features of Charles Street Jail.

Later, Charles Street Jail was transformed into a hotel by a team of designers, architects, historians and environmental experts.

Karosta Prison Liepaja, Latvia

Located in the city of Liepaja, Karosta Prison Liepaja describes itself as an `unfriendly, unheated, uncomfortable but open all year round` hotel.

Malmaison, England

The hotel is located right in the heart of Oxford Castle, a medieval building that is nearly 1,000 years old.

These hotels used to be prisons

Guest dining in Malmaison.

In 1996, Malmaison ceased to house prisoners and became a hotel.

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