19 May 2024
Thuong Tin shocked when he told the story of being raped at the age of 13 4

Thuong Tin shocked when he told the story of being raped at the age of 13 4

As a teenager, the artist was forced to have sex by a young woman and a theater manager - this dark corner is recounted in his recently released memoir.

After a period of work, the memoir Thuong Tin – A Stormy Life written by journalist Dinh Thu Hien was released to readers on December 9.

The book is not too thick, nearly 200 pages, but contains many sad memories of the life of a male artist who has been spoiled since his teens.

That year, from his hometown of Phan Rang, Thuong Tin asked his parents for permission to take a trip to Nha Trang before entering the new school year.

But this escape led him to a rural troupe – the Tan Da Ly troupe at that time.

At the end of his miserable life, Thuong Tin `lived` again when he had a young daughter.

Thuong Tin silently accepted everything that happened to him.

`Thuong Tin’s life began with a wanderlust from a trip away from home at the age of 13. Nowadays, who would dare let a son at that age go out alone from one province to another like that. When Thuong Tin sat

The female author commented that despite having a life full of fierce circumstances, Thuong Tin was always a gentle person.

The memoir is divided into five chapters: A turbulent childhood, A romantic and fierce youth, A loveless marriage, Love adventures and An unforgettable time.

Thuong Tin shocked when he told the story of being raped at the age of 13

Cover of `Memoirs of Thuong Tin: A Stormy Life`.

When asked the question: `What do you think if readers say that Thuong Tin deliberately brings shocking personal stories to attract attention?`, the author said that Thuong Tin’s story has many other shocking details.

`I have to balance and think a lot. Not all famous people who write memoirs have enough compelling material to create an attractive book. If anyone thinks this is shocking with personal stories,

Although he did not describe his entire life in the book, Thuong Tin affirmed that what he told was absolutely true.

`And of course, because there is the truth that tastes sweet, but there is also the truth that tastes bitter, so if there are details or stories that I tell that unintentionally hurt people involved,

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