27 May 2024
Where men love beauty more than women 2

Where men love beauty more than women 2

Men of the Wodaabe tribe love beauty and an ugly man can allow his wife to have sex with someone more beautiful to give birth to beautiful children.

In the Fulfulde language, Wodaabe means Tribe of the Taboo, but unlike their name, they lead a very liberal, joyful life and admire beauty.

Blessed with beautiful lips, the Wodaabe people are considered the most beautiful tribe in Africa.

Men here often wear heavy makeup, and a person is considered an adult when they turn 15. Photo: Sim.

Women often find ways to make their skin brighter by getting navy blue tattoos from their lips to their skin.

There are three precious things that the Wodaabe people value: beauty, family and livestock.

Every year when the rainy season ends, the Wodaabe people celebrate the big festival of the year – the Toureg festival.

When the dancing competition takes place, the girls will stand shyly in the crowd, far from the dancing place.

Where men love beauty more than women

Wodaabe men often treat their wives indifferently in public.

The Wodaabe are also a progressive tribe in marriage.

Despite having a liberal life, people of this tribe highly respect their culture and traditions.

The usual greeting ritual of people is quite long, the shortest takes about 5 minutes.

Where men love beauty more than women

The gourd holds food for the women in the tribe.

Road to the Wodaabe tribe:

The Wodaabe (also known as the Bororo) are a nomadic tribe, living around the sub-Saharan Sahel steppe in Niger, West Africa.

In addition, this community is found in several places such as southern Niger, through northern Nigeria, northeastern Cameroon and the western regions of the Central African Republic, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

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