25 May 2024
5 headaches of the super rich 2

5 headaches of the super rich 2

When they no longer have to worry much about money, the super-rich experience stress because of seemingly trivial things in work and daily life.

According to CNN Money, from entertainment to family care, there are many things that the world’s wealthiest people cannot immediately buy with money.

1. Yacht parking lot

Finding car parking is now just part of the billionaire’s headaches.

The scarcity of parking spaces is becoming more and more stressful while the need to use this vehicle among the super rich is increasing, causing many of them to think of unthinkable solutions, such as parking their yachts at sea and then

2. Close assistant

5 headaches of the super rich

Super-rich people often have very limited time and a lot of work to do during the day.

However, finding the right person also causes them stress.

The selection criteria are usually very high.

3. Find a school for your child

5 headaches of the super rich

Any parent wants to give their children the best, especially education.

Even before their children can read and write, the world’s richest people are willing to spend huge sums of money to hire tutors to help their children learn foreign languages and other skills.

Not only that, they also prepare letters of recommendation from famous people and make huge donations to the school to make sure that when they go to college, the children will get into Harvard.

4. Traffic jam

5 headaches of the super rich

One of the things that can make the super rich angry is traffic jams, which is also where the phrase “road rage” comes from.

Many people spend thousands of dollars to buy private jets to save time waiting at the airport and be able to travel whenever needed.

For example, when the Super Bowl (USA) took place, the New Jersey airport near the competition area was overloaded when it had to serve private planes.

5. Go on vacation

5 headaches of the super rich

Vacation for the super rich is an escape from daily stress.

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