25 May 2024
Covid-19 spread to 20 cities, China immediately tested millions of people 3

Covid-19 spread to 20 cities, China immediately tested millions of people 3

A series of Chinese cities quickly tested millions of people for nCoV and tightened restrictions to prevent the largest Covid-19 outbreak in many months.

China on August 1 reported 75 new cases of nCoV infection, of which 53 were community cases, discovered in 8 provinces.

The new Covid-19 outbreak started in Nanjing city, capital of Jiangsu province, and quickly spread to other areas.

Chinese officials immediately conducted three rounds of testing on about 9.2 million residents of Nanjing and imposed restrictions on hundreds of thousands of people.

Medical staff take nCoV test samples for people in Nanjing city, Jiangsu province, China, on July 21.

Chinese health officials said the new outbreak in Zhangjiajie also originated from tourists in Nanjing and has caused the Covid-19 epidemic to spread to 20 cities.

In addition to the epidemic clusters related to Nanjing, China is dealing with infections in Zhengzhou after two cleaning staff at a Covid-19 treatment hospital were found positive for nCoV.

In Europe, a wave of protests against `vaccine passports` and Covid-19 restriction measures spread in Germany and France.

France, the fifth largest epidemic area in the world, currently records 6,146,619 cases of infection and 111,885 deaths due to nCoV, an increase of 19,600 and 18 cases respectively compared to the previous day.

Thousands of people in this country continued to take to the streets over the weekend to protest against the plan to `ban` people who have not been vaccinated or do not have Covid-19 test results from public places.

In Germany, a series of protests against anti-Covid-19 restrictions were also recorded in Berlin and some surrounding areas.

The country currently records 3,778,276 cases of infection and 92,172 deaths due to nCoV, an increase of 1,555 and 1 case respectively in the past 24 hours.

In Asia, the Covid-19 situation in many countries continues to be complicated with the Delta variant.

Japan yesterday reported 12,343 more cases of infection and 8 deaths due to nCoV, bringing the total number of infections nationwide to 925,823 people, of which 15,192 died.

In Southeast Asia, hot spots such as Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia continue to record an increase in new infections, as the Delta variant spreads rapidly.

Malaysia currently records 1,130,422 infections and 9,184 deaths due to nCoV.

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