19 May 2024
6 Asian beauties rose from poverty 2

6 Asian beauties rose from poverty 2

Janicel Lubina, Le Tu, IU... each has their own situation but they have in common a lot of will and determination.

Janicel Lubina

Janicel Lubina was born and raised in the countryside of the Philippines.

Janicel Lubina – representative of the Philippines at Miss International this year.

Janicel Lubina’s life changed after accidentally meeting a makeup artist and being advised by this person to enter a beauty contest.

Thanks to rewards from beauty contests, Janicel Lubina has money to help her family.

Janicel Lubina said: `My mother is a maid, I can’t be forced to be a maid all my life… You can choose the life you want.`

Le Tu

Le Tu’s father suffered from meningitis and could only do light work, so the family’s burden fell on her mother’s shoulders.

During the most difficult time, Le Tu’s family lived with rats every day. There was no toilet, so they had to make a temporary sink near the kitchen.

6 Asian beauties rose from poverty

Le Tu during his youth and after entering the entertainment industry.

Le Tu quit school at the age of 14, giving the opportunity to study to his younger brother Le Anh.

Having earned money, Le Tu invested in his child studying abroad with the hope that he would become a good doctor.

Le Tu once said that her wish is to manage a chain of beauty centers well, waiting for the day when she can stand up and talk to everyone.

Despite many hardships, Le Tu always left an impression with his bright face and constant smile.

Lee Hyori

The Korean sexy symbol shared in an SBS program that she was born into a poor family with poor living conditions.

6 Asian beauties rose from poverty

Hyori and her husband at the wedding.

`Now I live in a house of more than 260 square meters,` the beauty smiled when sharing about her current life.

On Bich Ha

6 Asian beauties rose from poverty

On Bich Ha and his wife.

On Bich Ha had a childhood filled with tears and heart-breaking experiences.

When she was 5 years old, her mother was so desperate that she had to give up and sell her daughter to pay off her debt.

Growing up, On Bich Ha dreamed of making money so he wouldn’t have to live in poverty.

IU(Lee Ji Eun)

The singer born in 1993 said that she still remembers many memories of her deprived childhood.

6 Asian beauties rose from poverty

Not only that, IU had to listen to the criticism of her relatives because they thought she could never become famous.

IU said that because living conditions at home were difficult, there was a time when she preferred to stay at the entertainment company’s practice room instead of going home because it was less cold here and she could eat as much as she wanted.

IU is recognized as a talented young singer in Korea.

Shu Qi

The sexy Taiwanese beauty once shared that her family was poor so she never had a hearty meal during her childhood.

6 Asian beauties rose from poverty

Thu Ky started her career with sex films but then rose to become an A-list star in the Chinese entertainment industry.

The girl dropped out of high school to earn money to help her family, then started working in the entertainment industry as an amateur model.

In her early years in the entertainment industry, Thu Ky acted in sex movies.

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