27 May 2024
8 common causes of divorce 1

8 common causes of divorce 1

Divorce is considered the final solution for troubled marriages.

The National Fatherhood Initiative (USA) conducted a survey to find out the reasons for divorce.

Lack of commitment and lots of arguments are the two leading causes of divorce.

1. Lack of commitment

73% of couples believe that lack of commitment and commitment is the reason why their marriage deteriorates.

According to the survey, 62% of divorced people said they wanted their ex-partner to try harder to maintain the marriage.

2. Arguing too much

56% of divorced people who participated in the survey said that arguing too much was the reason for their breakup.

Family issues expert Clinton Power says: `One of the main reasons why arguments drag on is because you don’t understand, appreciate, or acknowledge your partner’s point of view. Once you have

3. Infidelity

It’s no surprise that cheating plays a major role in divorce.

Psychologist Ruth Houston warns that infidelity often begins as a platonic friendship.

4. Getting married too young

46% of divorced people interviewed said age was a factor causing instability in their marriage.

Nearly half of couples who married before the age of 20 were divorced within 15 years of their wedding.

5. Unrealistic expectations

45% of respondents said that unrealistic expectations eventually led to divorce.

`An important task for couples is to allow and acknowledge differences when they begin to appear. Couples who can flexibly handle disagreements can live happier lives.`

6. Lack of equality

A large proportion of those surveyed (44%) said they felt their marriage was unequal, and that inequality ultimately led to divorce.

7. Lack of preparation

41% of respondents said they did not prepare anything before getting married.

A proper marriage or premarital counseling can help couples ensure that they are emotionally equipped to connect with each other.

8. Abuse

Sadly, 29% of divorces occur as a result of domestic violence.

For victims of abuse, divorce can be a much more complicated process.

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