19 May 2024
Ancient hotels in America and mysterious deaths 4

Ancient hotels in America and mysterious deaths 4

Serial murders, mysterious deaths or curses on celebrities are some of the stories hidden behind hotels that are more than 100 years old in America.

Hotels that have existed for centuries have many stories that arouse curiosity, sometimes making listeners afraid.

Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles

Built in 1927, the Cecil Hotel is said to be the favorite resting place of two serial killers: Richard Ramirez, who took the lives of 13 women, and Jack Unterweger, who murdered 3 women right in his room.

Most recently, a Canadian female tourist, Elisa Lam, was found in a hotel water tank after complaining about black water flowing from the shower faucet.

Chilling stories in the hotel

The victim’s incomprehensible actions.

Police found a video of her hiding in the elevator and acting strangely before disappearing.

Manor House, Colorado

Gerald Foos is the owner of the Manor House Hotel in Colorado.

Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles

Chateau Marmont was Los Angeles’ first earthquake-proof mansion, then converted into a hotel in 1930. This is a favorite stop of stars like┬áLindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, but is also `scandalous` because of its association

Ancient hotels in America and mysterious deaths

Chateau Marmont located on Sunset Boulevard, LA is said to be a celebrity haunt.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of the best-selling novel The Great Gatsby, died of a heart attack, comedian John Belushi was killed by a football pitch, German photographer Helmut Newton died in a car accident..

Provincial Hotel, New Orleans

Ancient hotels in America and mysterious deaths

Guests often hear objects bouncing at the Provincial Hotel at night.

Located east of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, the Provincial Hotel is famous for its timeless buildings.

Chelsea Hotel, New York

Ancient hotels in America and mysterious deaths

Chelsea Hotel is the place that inspired many artists such as Bob Dylan, Arthur Miller, Joni Mitchell, Mark Twain… Photo: AFP.

Built in 1883, Chelsea Hotel is an ideal destination for artists and the wealthy.

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