19 May 2024
Apple, Google, Facebook 'scan' Covid-19 content 2

Apple, Google, Facebook 'scan' Covid-19 content 2

Apple and Google have begun removing untrustworthy software from their app stores, while Facebook has removed misleading ads about Covid-19.

According to CNBC, Apple has refused all mobile software related to Covid-19 uploaded to the App Store, unless these products are recognized by reputable health organizations, or from the government.

Some developers also revealed that they had received notices from Apple, which required uploaded applications to be verified by a reputable organization.

Applications related to Covid-19 for iPhone and Android smartphones are strictly controlled.

Some experts believe that Apple is prioritizing trustworthy sources from official health organizations and governments rather than independent developers.

On the App Store, software related to Covid-19 appears less frequently in searches, and is no longer in the top application rankings.

For Android, Google seems to intentionally block search results related to the pneumonia epidemic on the Play Store.

On YouTube, many creators also went `crazy` when the videos they uploaded related to Covid-19 were monetized, not recommended, had reduced interactions or could not enter the trending video category.

YouTube representative Tom Leung said that Covid-19 is considered a `sensitive` topic.

Facebook also actively prevents the spread of fake news about the pneumonia epidemic.

In recent months, Facebook has been heavily criticized for allowing politicians to run ads on the social network even when they contain false information.

Previously, two other social networks, Instagram (part of Facebook) and Twitter, issued new terms, prohibiting false information about Covid-19.

Covid-19 continues to spread.

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