25 May 2024
Attractive and unique festivals in March 2

Attractive and unique festivals in March 2

March enters the warm spring after cold winter days and is also the season of festivals around the planet.

Stop and smell the fragrance and colors of Tokyo’s Ueno Sakura Matsuri (March 20 – April 8).

The magic continues when sunset, you can admire the cherry blossoms blooming under the city lights, Japanese-style paper lanterns are also lit to brighten the streets.

March with cherry blossoms in full bloom is a festive occasion for all domestic and foreign tourists in Japan.

Are you looking for a little `spice` for your journey?

Early March (April 2 – April) is also an opportunity to witness and immerse yourself in Battaglia delle Arance, the most attractive festival of the year in the Carnevale di Ivrea region.

Attractive and unique festivals in March

No one will be bothered by orange juice and a few bruises once they accept participation in the Battaglia delle Arance festival.

Next, join the people in Ireland in celebrating St. Patrick’s Festival on March 14-17.

“Island hop ’til you drop” is a slogan you often hear at the 2014 Pasifika festival (March 8-9) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Find some meditation while participating in International Yoga Week March 1–7 in Rishikesh, India.

If you only know Munich, Germany during the October beer festival, remember Starkbierzeit takes place March 21 – April 6.

Every year on March 20, many people gather in Chichén Itzá, Mexico, where the Mayan pyramid El Castillo is located, to witness the sun silhouette the pyramid like a snake slithering down the steps.

Bali Spirit Festival (March 19-23) is held in Ubud, central Bali island.

Attractive and unique festivals in March

Bali Spirit Festival in a space full of music and dance.

Every year the small Belgian city hosts one of the most unique and unusual festivals in the world – Carnaval de Binche (March 2 – 4), which includes `Confession Tuesday`.

If you have plans and want to introduce any festivals in March, please share with us.

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