27 May 2024
Chinese people remember Ly Van Luong 1

Chinese people remember Ly Van Luong 1

Many people laid flowers in memory of Dr. Li Wenliang at Wuhan Central Hospital, while the media praised him as an everyday hero.

Dozens of people, including medical staff, yesterday placed flowers and black-and-white portraits of Dr. Li at the entrance to Wuhan Central Hospital, where he worked.

Many people placed flowers and portraits in memory of Dr. Li at the entrance to Wuhan Central Hospital yesterday.

Many people posted photos of candles along with portraits of the male doctor and a quote from his interview with Caixin newspaper in the last days of his life: `A healthy society should not have just one voice.`

Some people also shared `Do You Hear the People Sing?`, a song from the musical `Les Misérables`, which protesters in Hong Kong used as their own song.

Ly Van Luong is considered one of the first eight people to warn about the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new strain of coronavirus (nCoV) in China, but was later summoned by authorities and accused of `spreading false and disturbing information.`

On January 8, he examined a female patient infected with nCoV.

Wuhan Central Hospital confirmed that Dr. Li passed away at the age of 34 early this morning, after a period of fighting pneumonia.

Discussion topics `The Wuhan government owes Dr. Li an apology` immediately began spreading on Chinese social network Weibo, attracting tens of thousands of views before being deleted.

In a recording shared on social networks, Ly’s mother said she and her husband had recovered from the disease.

His wife, who is due to give birth to their second child next June, lives with their biological mother and 5-year-old son.

The above recording cannot be authenticated at this time.

The National Supervisory Commission, the highest anti-corruption agency in China, announced it would send a team to investigate Dr. Li’s death.

`We would like to express our deepest sorrow and regret,` the government statement said.

China mourns ‘pneumonia epidemic hero’

The night was chaotic because of the death of Ly Van Luong

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