19 May 2024
Back home my salary was only 1/3 but I was able to buy a house and car 3

Back home my salary was only 1/3 but I was able to buy a house and car 3

Many of my friends in Saigon have salaries 2-3 times higher than mine, but they always have money headaches because the cost of living in the city is too high.

The article below is shared by Mr. Huynh Thanh Hai, a 38-year-old information technology engineer, living with his wife and son in Lam Dong about why he is satisfied with his choice to return home to buy a house and build a family instead of

Like my peers, when I graduated from high school, I packed my bags and went to Saigon to study at university.

After graduating, I continued to live in a boarding house, where I stayed for a few years in a long-term place, but in a short-term place for only a few months, for many reasons: Room prices increased, work changed, or sometimes just because of the landlord.

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Even though the city is crowded, I only have a few relationships, a few friends at the company, a small group of people who play sports together.

The city is increasingly crowded and polluted.

Then as fate would have it, I met my wife – someone from the same hometown, through a friend’s introduction.

With an income less than 1/3 of that in the city, we have accomplished our plan.

We have a very peaceful life.

Meanwhile, my friends in the city are still reeling from a life of hard work and money, only getting 1-2 vacations a year to go back to my hometown to play.

Even though I live in the countryside, my children still have full access to soft skills at a very low cost.

When I returned home, my personality also changed a lot.

In the future, when my children grow up, I will send them to the city to gain new knowledge and experiences.

Thanh Hai

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