19 May 2024
Read the traveler's personality by choosing a seat on the plane 4

Read the traveler's personality by choosing a seat on the plane 4

A tourist who likes an aisle seat is introverted, while those who sit near the window are dreamy like clouds in the sky.

Professor and psychologist at the University of Washington, USA Jonathan Bricker has just published research on each person’s preferences and habits when choosing a seat on an airplane.

According to him, not all seats on the plane are the same and so are passengers’ seat preferences.

People who like to sit next to the aisle

People who value freedom: According to Professor Jonathan’s research, people who choose this position do not like being dependent or bothering others.

Sitting right in the aisle, you can comfortably go to the bathroom dozens of times without fear of disturbing the person sitting next to you.

Being an introvert: When stuck in a crowd (like on a plane), introverts don’t feel comfortable.

Be a realist: People who choose the location of the path do not care about watching the clouds and sky, because they are not dreamers.

Being a powerful person: You will be the first person to contact the flight attendant, then the middle passenger and window seat passenger.

People who like to sit near the window

Someone who values privacy: A seat right next to the window gives you enough isolation from the outside world and will not be bothered by `asking for permission` questions passing by to go to the toilet.

Read the traveler's personality by choosing a seat on the plane

People who sit next to the window are considered to have a dreamy, soaring soul.

Being a dreamer: People sitting next to the window are always imaginative, love romantic flights like clouds and are always curious about new scenery outside.

People who like to experience new things: According to psychologist Dr. Brian Little, sitting next to the window makes many people feel like they are traveling to a new world.

For many people, sitting next to the window simply means they like the light, want to see the scenery from above and enjoy the feeling of walking among the clouds. People who like to sit in the middle

Being an extrovert: Sitting in the middle gives you favorable conditions to chat with both people next to you without any problems.

Being a person who cares a lot about others: This position is considered quite inconvenient because there are always two people sitting next to you `close to you`, making it difficult to change positions comfortably.

Read the traveler's personality by choosing a seat on the plane

Those sitting in the middle are considered gentle and tolerant people.

Being a person with little voice: If traveling with family or friends and you are stuck in the middle seat, this shows that you are the person who seems shy, not good at fighting, or the least vocal in the group.

People who like to sit in business seats

Being someone who knows how to control the situation: With the position of a businessman, you don’t have to have the headache of choosing between freedom or comfort, because you will get both of these things.

People who value time: Those using luxury tickets will be able to check in at a separate counter.

Read the traveler's personality by choosing a seat on the plane

People who sit in business seats are often rich people.

Being a bit arrogant: Many people like to fly business class because it gives passengers the feeling of being special with accompanying privileges that economy tickets never have.

Being rich: This is inevitable because business class tickets are often many times more expensive than economy class.

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