27 May 2024
Bank loan problem to buy a house for rent 18

Bank loan problem to buy a house for rent 18

Borrowing from the bank to buy a house to rent, you will face the risk of falling rental prices, but in the long term the value of the house will increase many times.

`If you inherit three billion, should you borrow another billion to buy a house to rent?`, many VnExpress readers think this is a quite risky form of investment:

When buying real estate for investment, the destination should be the land price of that area, not the rental fee.

In my opinion, you should not borrow from the bank right now.

The thing you need to consider is whether to invest in buying a rental house at this time or use that money for something else?

What can you do to make it more difficult to borrow when you have to hold debt?

>> Withdrawing money to buy a house is more profitable than saving it for interest

Disagreeing with the above point of view, many opinions give opposing views when supporting the idea of taking a bank loan to buy a house and then rent it out:

In my opinion, you should buy a high-end apartment, renting it will be more expensive.

With this amount of money, you can choose to buy a type of real estate (house, apartment) to rent but in the form of buying on schedule.

I would like to offer two options for your reference:

1. Three billion dong in savings will give you about 210 million per year (with an interest rate of 7% per year).

2. If you borrow another billion to buy a house (expected to borrow for 15 years), the interest and principal will be about 15 million VND/month.

3. In addition, the factors of currency depreciation and fluctuating real estate prices also need to be consulted to make a decision.

Personally, in my opinion, you should buy, because at this time you can choose many apartments at reasonable prices.

1. Bank deposit: interest of 10-20 million VND/month, cannot make you rich.

2. If you buy an apartment: With three billion VND, you can buy a mid-range apartment.

3. If you buy a townhouse: even though the house may be shabby, difficult to rent, and low priced, 10 years later, from three billion you will have 10 billion (tripled) which is very normal.

>> What is your opinion?

Even if you’re a salaried worker, you can still buy a house before the age of 30

Should I save 2.5 billion VND to buy or rent an apartment?

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