25 May 2024
What material are artificial ligaments made of? 3

What material are artificial ligaments made of? 3

Artificial ligaments are materials that replace torn ligaments in sports injuries, with advantages such as good strength, fast recovery...

MSc.BS.CKII Tran Anh Vu, Deputy Director of Orthopedics Center, Tam Anh General Hospital System, shared that artificial ligaments are a big step forward in the treatment of sports injuries, helping patients recover quickly.

Artificial ligaments are a combination of about 3,000 polyethylene fibers braided together, creating flexibility and flexibility.

However, artificial ligaments are still quite new to many people.

An artificial ligament replacement at Tam Anh Hospital.

Are artificial ligaments biocompatible with the body?

The material used to make artificial ligaments has been used to make sutures in endoscopy and vascular grafts, so its biological compatibility with the body is very high.

How long can artificial ligaments be used?

Artificial ligaments will last forever.

What are the advantages of artificial ligaments?

Previously, using autologous tendons was the most popular method in treating ligament rupture.

Relatively fast recovery time is also an outstanding advantage of artificial ligaments.

What material are artificial ligaments made of?

The patient was re-examined 3 months after surgery.

Who should and should not replace artificial ligaments?

90% of patients with ligament rupture can apply artificial ligament replacement.

Are artificial ligaments at risk of complications?

Like any other treatment method, using artificial ligaments still carries the risk of developing some complications such as rupture at the fixed site at the two ends of the bone, wear at the fixed anchor sites, and inflammation of the membrane.

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