18 June 2024
Biden - Trump's calculations during the early direct debate 4

Biden - Trump's calculations during the early direct debate 4

The fact that President Biden and his opponent Donald Trump both agreed to participate in CNN's early live debate shows that they want to have an early impact on voters.

The fact that President Biden and his opponent Donald Trump both agreed to participate in CNN’s early live debate shows that they want to have an early impact on voters.

Less than two hours after Mr. Joe Biden on May 15 affirmed his support for the tradition of live televised debates between presidential candidates, CNN’s two leading political journalists called the campaign management team.

`We’ll send you a debate proposal in your inbox at 10 a.m.,` a journalist told Susie Wiles, Chris LaCivita and Tony Fabrizio, Trump’s advisers, before presenting the terms of the debate.

Former President Trump refused to participate in all debates with his opponents in the Republican primary race.

Therefore, just a few minutes after Mr. Biden’s campaign announced at 10:14 a.m. on May 15 that the US President would participate in a live debate organized by CNN, Trump’s campaign confirmed that he would also participate.

US President Joe Biden (left) and former president Donald Trump.

The election campaigns of both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump believe that their two candidates can debate as soon as possible, instead of waiting until after the Republican and Democratic national conventions, taking place in July.

In this year’s election season, both candidates believe that holding a debate according to the schedule proposed by the Commission on Presidential Debates would be too late and would not make any sense in convincing voters.

Mr. Trump’s advisers also expressed disappointment in the committee, which has been responsible for organizing debates between presidential candidates for decades.

Trump’s team wants at least four debates.

`Anything in this campaign that shows a contrast between the two is important to us. And nothing shows that contrast more clearly than Mr. Biden trying to defend his achievements when

Another adviser said former President Trump’s campaign believes it is important to be able to send messages to voters before they start making voting decisions, a reason Mr. Biden’s campaign team also

`The commission once again failed to schedule meaningful debate for all voters, not just those scheduled to vote later this fall or on election day. That underscores the limitations

In recent weeks, after the Commission on Presidential Debates made it clear it did not want to agree to the request to hold the debate early, Mr. Trump’s advisers began discussing ways to circumvent their rules.

Leading members of Mr. Biden’s campaign team have also long expressed distrust of the debate commission.

Biden - Trump's calculations during the early direct debate

President Joe Biden at an event in Detroit, Michigan on February 1.

For Mr. Biden’s team, the earlier debates carried another goal, which was to expose the contrast between him and former President Trump at a time when many potential voters had not yet decided to vote.

`Our campaign has made clear for months that real democracy is at stake and is a deciding issue on this year’s ballot. The American people deserve to hear from two of

Mr. Biden’s campaign considered Mr. Trump’s team agreeing to participate in the live debate as a victory because it was all in their calculations.

`He has no other choice. We always calculate and act disciplined. We always do what the President asks,` Ms. Dillon said.

As for Mr. Trump, LaCivita argued that what was important to them was that President Biden agreed to appear on stage with the former president in two 90-minute debates by CNN on June 27 and ABC on June 10.

`The reality is that now we will have a debate. Mr. Trump will defeat his opponent in a studio or in front of a group of people, that doesn’t matter,` he said.

Trump in recent months told his team of advisers that he was confident he could defeat Mr. Biden in the debate, that the US President would look `weaker and older` than him.

Some of Mr. Trump’s advisers want to negotiate further with CNN in the coming weeks.

`The truth is that on debate night, you won’t know which President Biden you will face, because obviously he has good preparation days or not. I think you need to make a plan to face a different candidate.

For Mr. Biden’s team, preparing for the debate will be difficult when the President has a quite busy schedule with domestic campaign events and two foreign trips, including the 80th anniversary event.

Biden - Trump's calculations during the early direct debate

Former President Donald Trump campaigned in Green Bay, Wisconsin on April 2.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump is also busy with legal troubles, including a trial for charges of hush money for porn stars in New York.

Former President Trump and his campaign consider the debate with President Biden an important part of the election campaign.

Even when accepting the invitation from the media, neither Mr. Biden nor Mr. Trump’s campaign was completely sure the debate would actually take place.

`We will meet Donald Trump on June 27 in Atlanta, if he shows up,` Ms. Dillon said, referring to the debate organized by CNN.

`I wonder if he’ll show up or not,` Mr. Trump told radio host Hugh Hewitt.

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