18 June 2024
The Republican Party is running to express its loyalty to Mr. Trump 4

The Republican Party is running to express its loyalty to Mr. Trump 4

The trial of former President Trump has turned into a stage for Republican allies to race to show their loyalty to him.

The trial of former President Trump has turned into a stage for Republican allies to race to show their loyalty to him.

Ohio State Senator J.D Vance, candidate for Donald Trump’s deputy, came to New York on May 13 to show solidarity with the Republican candidate in this year’s race for the White House.

Mr. Vance started the day at Trump Tower and then went to court in Manhattan with Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville, the attorney general of Alabama, the attorney general of Iowa and the Republican congresswoman from Staten Island.

When Trump was banned from publicly attacking key witnesses in the hush money trial against porn star Stommy Daniels, a series of Republicans spoke up on his behalf.

`What the former president is prevented from saying is that everyone involved in this prosecution is actually a Democratic political activist. That’s a shame,` Senator Vance said outside.

Former President Donald Trump (left) answers reporters while a team of allies stands behind him watching at court in Manhattan, New York on May 14.

When Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s key witness and Trump’s former trusted lawyer, testified on May 14, US House Speaker Mike Johnson arrived at the courthouse in Mr. Trump’s motorcade.

Johnson criticized the `corrupt` court system.

`This is election interference. The American people will not be able to let it go,` Johnson added, emphasizing that he appeared to support Trump as a friend.

Unlike other Republicans, Mr. Johnson did not attend Trump’s trial but returned to Washington the same day.

It was a remarkable moment in modern American politics.

In addition to Johnson, those accompanying Mr. Trump on May 14 also include Florida congressman Bryon Donalds and North Dakota governor Doug Burgum, both of whom are considered candidates for the position of deputy prime minister, along with former party candidates.

About 9 Republican lawmakers also appeared in the courtroom on May 16.

`I have a lot of people speaking up for me and they’re speaking very well. They’re from all over Washington, they’re respected people, and they think this is the biggest scheme they’ve ever seen,` Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Donald Trump was accused of falsifying business records to cover up the $130,000 he spent on porn star Daniels to conceal unfavorable information during his 2016 election campaign. Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, said she once had an affair.

Former adviser Cohen said that Mr. Trump ordered him to suppress unfavorable information.

The allies’ appearance in court allowed the Trump campaign to emphasize their message without violating the court’s injunction.

According to Mr. Trump’s campaign, everyone who came to the courthouse this week volunteered to appear, not because they were invited.

`I went because former President Trump is a friend. I’ve known him longer than I’ve been in politics,` Scott said.

The Republican Party is running to express its loyalty to Mr. Trump

House Speaker Mike Johnson (right), North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and other Trump allies at court in Manhattan, New York on May 14.

The `warm hugs` for Mr. Trump are a sign that the former president’s legal troubles have not left him abandoned, according to observers.

`What happened inside that courtroom was a threat to democracy,` Mr. Vance declared, criticizing a number of people, including the daughter of judge Juan M. Merchan, who presided over the case.

Vance described Mr. Trump as `going through mental anguish in the courtroom. It’s very sad.`

Eight years ago, there was a wave of `never choose Trump` in the Republican party to prevent the billionaire from becoming a candidate to represent the party.

`Hopefully we will have more and more senators and congressmen speak up for Mr. Trump and help him overcome the speech ban,` Senator Tuberville told Newsmax on May 14.

Observers said there was no indication that Mr. Trump had instructed his allies to take action, which could be considered a violation of the court’s speech ban.

`He can’t do that because he’s afraid of facing the risk of going to jail. So he’s bringing allies here to do it for him,` said Tim Miller, former communications director for Trump’s election campaign.

The former president seemed to appreciate the words of support from his allies. But Mr. Trump hinted at another idea for how they could show their loyalty.

`There are a lot of them who want to come. But I tell them to stay home and pass bills that help prevent things like this,` Trump said, referring to the cases against him.

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