25 May 2024
Cachtice Castle, the horrifying haunt of virgin girls 1

Cachtice Castle, the horrifying haunt of virgin girls 1

The owner of the castle - Countess Elizabeth Bathory -  is a real character in history who, when mentioned, is still as feared as Count Dracula.

The ruined scene of a castle on top of a hill in the village of Cachtice, Slovakia resembles the set of a horror movie.

Cachtice Castle is legendary and famous in history books.

On this day, the people of Cachtice do not celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of the `female devil`, but the castle and its horrifying past still attract the attention of thousands of tourists around the world.

A place to hide crimes

Born into one of Hungary’s oldest and richest aristocratic families, Elizabeth Bathory was a beautiful and cruel woman.

At the age of 15, Elizabeth married the nobleman, Count Nadasdy Ferenc, and they lived together at Cachtice castle.

A legend says that while brushing the countess’s hair, the maid made a small mistake and received a slap so hard that she bled.

At first, the countess only targeted girls from the poorest class, but then she took action against even the young ladies of noble families.

Faced with this terrible incident, the king demanded that Elizabeth be executed, but the count successfully convinced the king that it would severely affect the nobility and asked to postpone the trial.

On August 21, 1614, the countess was found dead in solitary confinement by the soldier guarding her.

People `favorably` gave her many names, one of which is `bloodthirsty female devil` and `national disgrace`.

Another theory says that unlike most women at that time, Elizabeth inherited a very good education.

In many documents, people often warn young girls never to smear their own blood on their faces and stand in front of a mirror late at night.

Elizabeth’s crime has been the subject of many horror movies and books that people have passed from generation to generation.

The forgotten pastCachtice today is a prosperous village with high fences, rich and attractive dishes, satellite TV and SUVs parked at the end of the street.

Cachtice Castle, the horrifying haunt of virgin girls

The count’s statue was erected in the square.

`The older generation here still seems to be ashamed of her. So they protested when the statue of Elizabeth was erected in the square.`

Cachtice Castle was abandoned, covered with trees and in ruins.

Directions to Cachtice:

The nearest good hotel is in Trencin, 30 km north of the village of Cachtice.

To visit the residence of the `female devil`, visitors can take the train.

Castle opening hours: every Monday and Friday from 10am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

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