19 May 2024
Supplement water and micronutrients after Covid-19 vaccination 6

Supplement water and micronutrients after Covid-19 vaccination 6

After receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, you should supplement enough water and a diet rich in micronutrients to help your body recover quickly and stay healthy.

When receiving a vaccine, depending on each person’s constitution, reactions may vary in severity such as mild fever, pain all over the body, pain and swelling at the injection site… Symptoms will subside and completely disappear after 1-

To reduce this unpleasant condition, in addition to care and monitoring, attention should be paid to supplementing adequate nutrition so that the body can quickly recover and stay healthy.

Add water to the body

After receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, there are often signs of fever, pain at the injection site, and body aches.

Adults need to supplement about 2.5 liters a day, of which about 1.2-1.4 liters of drinking water a day (equivalent to 6-7 cups of water), the rest is water taken into the lower body.

Drink water slowly, don’t drink too much at once.

Eat a variety of foods, combine 15-20 foods and change frequently throughout the day.

Diet rich in micronutrients

After injection, people feel tired, lose appetite, have fever, swelling and pain, need to prepare soft, easy-to-digest foods such as green bean porridge with meat, onion porridge with meat, chicken soup, crab soup…, divided into several meals.

To increase the body’s resistance, the daily diet needs to supplement foods rich in micronutrients from animal and plant sources.

Eat enough for your needs, eat a variety of foods, combine 15-20 types of food and change frequently throughout the day.

The diet ensures adequate energy and nutrient needs.

Food must be fresh, do not eat poultry or livestock that die due to infection.

Clean cutting boards and knives and wash hands with soap before, during, and after preparing food.

How to handle some common reactions

The most common reactions after injection are fever, rash, and pus at the injection site.

Fever: This is the most common reaction after injection.

The injection site is red, swollen and painful: This condition can last for a few days, is completely a normal reaction and will go away on its own, not a cause for concern.

Allergies: After injection, you may develop hives or itchy rashes all over your body… Normally, these allergic symptoms will go away on their own after a few days.

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