25 May 2024
Culture of using rented cars among Vietnamese and Western people 15

Culture of using rented cars among Vietnamese and Western people 15

When I take Western tourists for a week, the car is as clean as if it had never been a passenger, but for Vietnamese people who travel for a day, the car looks like a trash can.

I’m driving a 16-seat vehicle for the travel service business and have transported many groups.

I remember when I first started my career, I was carrying a group of French tourists to Da Lat.

A little shy, I said sorry in English and silently thanked them for helping me get better.

I took Western passengers back for a week and the car was as clean as if it had never been a passenger.

The profession of driving is not vile, but those who use cars without standards are vile.

To compare the car culture of Vietnamese people with that of Westerners, there are many things to discuss, so we’ll leave them aside for now.

I used to drive an express bus that specialized at night.

If you drive at that time and encounter a vehicle encroaching on your lane or forcing your vehicle, you should be very careful and pull over to the side because you may be sleepy.

I used to transport many groups to weddings at night, so later I learned this experience.

If they have to travel overnight, I advise them that health and people are important.

Two months ago, my family also rented a car to Phan Thiet to attend my sister’s wedding, but I didn’t drive.

A wedding is the most important event in a person’s life, a happy day for two families who live far away to reunite and meet each other, so don’t save a day to enjoy the full joy.

So if renting a car is an economic obstacle and you are still worried about wedding costs, it’s best to postpone getting married.

Nguyen Huynh Tai

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