25 May 2024
Donnie Yen nominated for 'Asian Oscar' thanks to 'Ip Man 3' 1

Donnie Yen nominated for 'Asian Oscar' thanks to 'Ip Man 3' 1

The actor received an Asian Film Awards nomination for his role as a Wing Chun master in a recent martial arts film that has caused a stir.

The 10th Asian Film Awards (AFA) announced the nomination list on February 3.

Donnie Yen competes for AFAs for his role in `Ip Man 3`.

Ip Man is the role associated with Donnie Yen’s name through three episodes released in 2008, 2010 and 2015. In the series of semi-biographical films that recreate the life of many ups and downs of Wing Chun master, Donnie Yen

While Donnie Yen is a prominent name in the `Best Actor` category, Shu Qi attracted attention when he entered the `Best Actress` category thanks to his role in The Assassin.

Assassin Nhiep An Nuong dominated the Asian Film Awards nominations by appearing in 9 categories.

Donnie Yen nominated for 'Asian Oscar' thanks to 'Ip Man 3'

`Assassin Nhiep An Nuong` received 9 nominations at AFAs.

Competing for the `Best Movie` award are Mountains May Depart and Mr.

Asian Film Awards (AFAs) is an award of the Asian Film Academy, established by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Association in 2007. This award is often compared to the Oscars in Asia.

This year, the Award received 1,600 films submitted from 32 countries and territories.

List of nominees for the Asian Film Awards 2016

Excellent Mountains May Depart (China, France, Japan)The Assassin (Taiwan, Hong Kong, China)Bajirao Mastani (India)Three Stories of Love (Japan)Mr.

Excellent director

Jia Zhangke, Mountains May Depart Hou Hieu Hien, The AssassinKoreeda Hirokazu, Our Little SisterQuan Ho, Mr.

Best Actor: Donnie Yen, Ip Man 3 Nagase Masatoshi, An Phung Tieu Cuong, Mr.

Best Actress: Zhao Tao, Mountains May Depart, Shu Qi, The Assassin, Ayase Haruka, Our Little Sister, Kim Hye Soo, Coin Locker Girl, Lam Gia Han, Zinnia Flower

Outstanding Supporting Actor Truong Tan, Ip Man 3 Bach Chi, Port of CallAsano Tadanobu, Journey to the ShoreOh Dal Soo, AssassinationTrinh Nhan Thac, Thanatos, Drunk

Outstanding Supporting Actress Chu Yun, The Assassin Tsuchiya Anna, Gonin SagaNhan Zhuo Ling, Mojin – The Lost LegendUeno Juri, The Beauty InsidePark So Dam, The Priests

Outstanding New ActorVicky Kaushal, MasaanSpring Summer, Port of CallFujino Ryoko, Solomon’s PerjuryKim Seol Hyun, Gangnam BluesLy Hongqi, Thanatos, DrunkWaruntorn Paonil, Snap

Excellent script Mountains May Depart Port of Call Talvar Journey to the ShoreVeteran

Excellent film editing Port of Call Bajirao MastaniBakumanJing Bing Man Veteran

Excellent cinematography Port of Call The AssassinGonin SagaMr.

Excellent soundtrack The Assassin Bajirao Mastani Bombay Velvet Journey to the Shore The Throne

Excellent costume design The Assassin Bajirao MastaniKakekomiThe Throne Heneral Luna

Excellent production design Ip Man 3 The AssassinKakekomiInside Men Heneral Luna

Excellent visual effects Monster Hunt Baahubali: The Beginning Bajirao Mastani Attack on Titan The Tiger

Excellent sound production Monster Hunt The AssassinBakumanThe Inerasable Assassination

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