19 May 2024
'Eh' because I don't know how to send and receive love signals 6

'Eh' because I don't know how to send and receive love signals 6

She used to be the class beauty and her family was well-off, but Hoang Huong (24 years old, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) still hasn't had a romantic relationship.

However, after graduating, her plan to find a lover has not yet succeeded.

Huong said, she also consciously sought love but found it too difficult.

Speaking at the recent event of the Pre-Marriage Club at the Center for Health Education and Communication in Ho Chi Minh City, psychology master Nguyen Thi Trang Nhung (Vietnamese Idea Training Center) said that during the process of working as a consultant

According to expert Trang Nhung, there is absolutely no way you won’t have a lover because the fortune teller has said your fate is loneliness.

Our elders often say `Men love with their eyes, Women love with their ears`.

In particular, eyes and smiles are the first weapons when we don’t have a chance to speak.

A smile helps you easily win the hearts of others – Photo: lime-university

To increase your chances of catching someone’s eye, you must take care of your appearance.

According to master Trang Nhung, each of us only has 9 seconds to make a first impression in communication, and you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Body odor is also one of the factors that can make a first impression.

According to psychologists, to attract the target, you can also send touch signals, language signals or physical signals.

Verbal signals are when the person shows special interest in confiding in you.

The physical signal here is a gift.

In order for love signals to reach your target as quickly as possible, psychologists note that you should only focus on your target.

And especially to `crush` the person of your dreams, you must know how to apply the `fish – fishing rod` strategy.

In this strategy, the bait for the fish is your single status, your readiness for a new relationship, your free weekends, and checking in with safe, easy-going people.

And most importantly, you have to turn yourself into an interesting person, don’t let yourself be just a black and white TV about 15 years ago, with only 1 or 2 channels for the audience to choose from.

The psychologist also warns you not to wear a mask while fishing, so that when the fish bites the bait, it will begin to show its true form.

And you should remember, what comes quickly also goes quickly.

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