25 May 2024
From being an errand boy with a salary of 3.5 million VND, I am now a manager with a salary of 15 million VND 21

From being an errand boy with a salary of 3.5 million VND, I am now a manager with a salary of 15 million VND 21

After spending a year at home due to depression due to being kicked out of college, I picked it all up again.

I am currently working as a technical manager for a private enterprise, read through a number of titles related to recruitment and job applications, qualifications with experience and started from a person without a degree to the present time.

Let me introduce myself, I studied in the technical major of a private university, then I was expelled in the second year because I couldn’t take some subjects outside my major (English), but on the contrary, I really liked it.

After leaving school, I was very depressed and then regained hope.

After spending a year at home hiding while playing games and learning and making some software, I started trying to get a job at a company (I’m currently working).

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When I went to the interview, I told all about my failed education process and with the desire to get a job with a low salary, the director sympathized and accepted me to work with a salary of 3.5 million.

After that, I also interviewed at a number of foreign companies and was accepted even though I did not have a degree.

I have interviewed a number of people applying for jobs at the company and also met quite a few people of similar age who graduated from prestigious universities. From there, I realized that their knowledge and learning status when applying for a job

About employers: I’ll just say briefly, they have their right to find the right person for them, consider it a problem.

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Regarding job applicants: It’s not necessarily that you can’t meet the job, but because you basically have to compete with other people, in the same recruiting period, they recruit the most qualified people in terms of criteria, so even if you’re good, who knows who will be there?

And you don’t have experience?

The candidates already know the questions and the employers also know what your profile has, why do they still call you for an interview?

Going back, why did they ask such superfluous questions even though I wrote them all in my CV?

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So even though you are sure about your major, you should also know how to talk and communicate.

Still, you should be sure of your knowledge and learn how to communicate before applying for a job. Where to get experience? If you want to have experience, you have to go from low to high.

It must be admitted that although the majority of university students have a bit weak knowledge, in return they have quite good logical thinking. However, today’s society has too many teachers and lack of workers, so if you want to develop, you should go from low to high.

Many people go from being workers to becoming bosses.

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