27 May 2024
18 combined samples of candidates and teachers in Ho Chi Minh City tested positive for nCoV 5

18 combined samples of candidates and teachers in Ho Chi Minh City tested positive for nCoV 5

Testing more than 100,000 students, officials and teachers participating in the first phase of the high school graduation exam, Ho Chi Minh City discovered 18 pooled positive samples.

`Currently, only 12 F0 cases have been verified, some cases need further clarification. The health sector is urgently determining the exact cases, if any,` Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Phan Van Mai told VnExpress.

Ho Chi Minh City still holds the first high school graduation exam (July 7-8) with tightened epidemic prevention measures.

`At this time, parents and candidates are worried, and as city leaders, we are also very worried. To make this very difficult decision, we have considered many aspects. We hope parents and candidates will try their best.`

On July 3, more than 85,000 people, equivalent to more than 95% of candidates registered to take the high school graduation exam, were tested for Covid-19 at 155 school locations along with more than 15,000 officials, teachers, and exam supervisors (accounting for more than

If the test sample shows any abnormalities, the health sector will contact the candidate to test the sample.

Test takers at Trung Vuong High School took test samples on the morning of July 3.

The number of candidates did not take samples because they lived in provinces and cities outside of Ho Chi Minh City.

A negative test result is a mandatory condition for candidates to take the first round of the exam. When taking the exam, candidates only need to present this certificate and the exam report card.

If self-testing at medical facilities in provinces, cities or Ho Chi Minh City, candidates must bring the original negative test result certificate with a red seal.

Candidates who do not take a sample or submit a negative test score certificate (before July 6) are considered not participating in the first round of exams and can register for the second round of exams.

Covid-19 is developing dangerously, but Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee decided to organize the high school graduation exam in two phases as instructed by the Ministry of Education and Training, with tightened plans to ensure safety for candidates.

Candidates who are not in a place under lockdown or social isolation;

Procedures for registering for round 2:

– The second round of exams is for candidates affected by the epidemic and cannot attend the first round of exams on July 7 and 8, including those with F0-F2 status;

– First round of receiving applications: Parents submit the application form and proof (for candidate groups F0-F2, where the blockade is) to the high school before July 3.

– Second round of receiving applications: For candidates in groups F0-F2, located in blockade areas after July 3;

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