25 May 2024
How do British teachers prepare to teach online during the pandemic? 8

How do British teachers prepare to teach online during the pandemic? 8

When England announced the closure of schools, just two days later, teachers began instructing students to use the software, ready to learn online.

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From April 1, Vietnam also began applying self-isolation measures on a large scale.

Today has just been two weeks since the UK closed schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and it has also been two weeks that pupils and students have had to study online with the school’s education.

Firstly, in terms of technology use: Each student will have an account for Microsoft Office software including all office applications and the most useful is Teams software.

Second, about the preparation of materials and lessons by schools: England has no regulations on textbooks, but only guidelines on the content to be taught and schools prepare their own materials.

During the first three days of online learning with pre-prepared materials, teachers continue to prepare lesson plans and content for each subsequent day until the end of next week.

Seeing elementary school children studying on their own, then exchanging lessons with each other, complimenting and encouraging each other online, makes me feel moved.

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