25 May 2024
How to deal with fraudulent debt collection calls 11

How to deal with fraudulent debt collection calls 11

Receiving a debt collection call from a stranger, if you explain, they know you are weak and will terrorize you even more.

Many readers advise how to deal with strangers constantly calling to collect debt:

Being constantly called by strangers to collect debt, I think one is a scam, two is that someone wants to destroy her phone number so she can’t use it anymore.

The best way is that you don’t need to explain much.

You keep threatening it every time he calls.

Le Minh Chau

You absolutely do not provide any additional information to them, do not bother to explain or beg anything.

They can change many phone numbers to continuously call you, so they cannot block all numbers.

It’s best to notify your business partners and make it clear to them that during this time you will only pick up numbers that are in your contact list and that you are familiar with.

Your information is exposed for many different reasons and most of the calls are scams.

My sister works as an accountant for a company.

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I am constantly calling by strangers to collect debt, what should I do?

I don’t make customer cards to block spam calls

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