19 May 2024
India says 'large amount of troops', with China reaching the border 6

India says 'large amount of troops', with China reaching the border 6

India for the first time said it deployed a large number of soldiers equal to China in the disputed Himalayan border area after the clash on June 15.

The statement was released by the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 25, but did not say a specific number.

Sources said India deployed three divisions to the border with China.

The country’s Foreign Ministry continues to accuse China of causing tension with its military deployment and warns that relations between the two countries could weaken if they fall into a deadlock.

Both India and China say they want to de-escalate tensions, but Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said `both sides still deploy large numbers of troops in the area, while military contacts

Srivastava added `China’s actions` at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), which is considered the India-China border, led to the deadly clash this month, killing dozens of soldiers on both sides

`The heart of the problem is since early May, when the Chinese side had suddenly gathered a large number of soldiers and weapons along the LAC,` the Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman alleged.

Indian border guards guard a checkpoint along the highway at Gagangir leading to the border with China on June 17.

India’s statement came a day after China’s Ministry of National Defense said that India had `unilaterally provoked`, leading to border scuffles.

`India takes full responsibility for the border clash between the two countries. China hopes to maintain peace and stability in the border area,` Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Jun said, adding

On the evening of June 15, soldiers from both sides fought in the Galwan valley, Ladakh region, where both countries claim sovereignty.

India believes that the June 15 attack was planned by China in advance, even when senior commanders of the two countries agreed to cool tensions on the LAC.

The incident made Indian people and many officials angry, calling for a boycott of Chinese goods.

India says 'large amount of troops', with China reaching the border

Where Indian and Chinese soldiers fought fatally on the evening of June 15.

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