25 May 2024
Learn English the way Thien Nham does 2

Learn English the way Thien Nham does 2

The runner-up of The Voice Kids 2014 said that to improve her foreign language skills, she actively participated in summer English courses, listened to a lot of English songs...

Thien Nham’s path to music was nurtured from childhood.

When he started his singing career, even though he was just a `child singer`, Thien Nham’s dream was clearly shaped.

Thien Nham and her mother learn about the ILA 2015 summer English program.

Not wanting to be limited to her homeland’s lyrical music, Thien Nham said: `I really like English songs but I’m not confident in performing these songs yet. I’m planning to improve my skills so I can sing.`

Learn English the way Thien Nham does

Thien Nham with personalized t-shirt and hat gifts.

Participating in the summer English course at ILA, Thien Nham got to play games and do group activities.

`Playing basketball, making pottery, baking… I like all activities, but my favoriteĀ is the Summer Festival because it includes singing and dancing,` Thien Nham shared.

Learn English the way Thien Nham does

Summer English at ILA

Linh Han

ILA offers special gifts and many other incentives to students who register for the summer English program before May 31.

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