19 May 2024
‘The Angry Birds’ – angry red birds stir up the summer 3

‘The Angry Birds’ – angry red birds stir up the summer 3

Based on the popular video game for smartphones, the new animated film attracts with its humorous plot and eye-catching visuals.

Building movies based on video games is gradually becoming a trend with four movies released in 2016 alone. While real combat games for adults like Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed are destined to become bombs.

Movie trailer `The Angry Birds Movie`

Angry Birds – birds of all types and colors with characteristic frowning faces – have become familiar to smartphone users since 2009. The rules of Angry Birds are quite simple.

Poster for the movie `The Angry Birds`.

The Angry Birds Movie crew has successfully completed the above task.

The film opens with the uncertain birthday cake delivery of Red (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) – a flightless red bird with unusually bushy eyebrows.

‘The Angry Birds’ – angry red birds stir up the summer

The three main characters of the film.

One day, the peaceful island welcomed uninvited guests – a herd of green pigs.

The film has a fast pace, constantly inserting humorous details.

The climactic battle scene at the end of the film scores points by gathering all the birds in the video game and promoting the unique fighting abilities of each species.

‘The Angry Birds’ – angry red birds stir up the summer

`The Angry Birds Movie` has beautiful graphics, vibrant colors, suitable for summer.

However, the film is considered simple, predictable, and more suitable for younger audiences.

Game creation company Rovio and film studio Sony determined that the main audience of the film is children and families, so the images are created to be funny and cute.

The Angry Birds Movie opens in Vietnam from May 12.

Thanh Tran

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