19 May 2024
Legend Boris Becker: 'Djokovic and Federer don't like each other' 2

Legend Boris Becker: 'Djokovic and Federer don't like each other' 2

The German former world number one tennis player revealed the hostility between the two top contemporary tennis players in the world.

Boris Becker won six Grand Slam men’s singles titles, and was voted by Tennis Magazine as the 11th best male tennis player in the period 1965–2005.

In it, he mentioned the rivalry between Djokovic and Federer, but in a moderate tone.

According to Becker, Federer is very good at hiding his emotions, including his dislike of Djokovic.

Boris Becker also wrote about Federer’s demeanor, saying that the Swiss star’s shiny exterior is just like the top surface of a plywood panel, while underneath the glued layer is his true personality that he tries to hide.

`The reason why Roger Federer has become one of the top-earning athletes in the sports world of all time is that he is loved by everyone,` Becker wrote in his autobiography.

But then Becker also posed an open question, wondering if today’s world of men’s tennis would be more interesting for viewers, if the top male players showed a little more fire while

`Federer makes very good money thanks to his smooth image, but would he lose income if we saw a little more of his true emotions?`, Becker wondered.

Legend Boris Becker: 'Djokovic and Federer don't like each other'

Becker (white shirt) does not like the way current players suppress their emotions on the court.

“Many people sometimes tell me that tennis now is much more boring than when I was playing.

But after many questions regarding his opinion on Roger Federer in his newly published autobiography, Boris Becker emphasized on his personal page on the social network Twitter: `I have absolute respect for him.

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