19 May 2024
Putting troops close to Ukraine, Putin 'stiffed' Biden 6

Putting troops close to Ukraine, Putin 'stiffed' Biden 6

Russia's mobilization of powerful military forces close to the Ukrainian border is said to be a test of the Biden administration's toughness towards Moscow.

Tensions between Moscow and Kiev have escalated since March, when the Russian military deployed large numbers of tanks, armored vehicles, fighter jets and tens of thousands of soldiers to the Crimean peninsula and the border area with Ukraine.

However, experts say that this is not the beginning of a Russian attack on neighboring territory, but is almost certainly a test of leadership capacity and toughness.

`I believe they want to test the new US President. They also want to use this moment to send the message that ‘don’t underestimate Russian power’`, Michael Shoebridge, foreign policy expert at

The Kremlin announced that it deployed large forces near the Ukrainian border as a precautionary move, in the context of Kiev increasing its forces near the line with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

`They sent 15 warships from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea, while the Black Sea fleet had up to 50 warships. They also blockaded part of the Black Sea, prohibiting foreign warships and official ships from passing through here for 6 months.

Russian President Vladimir Putin `is showing off his strength,` commented Marta Dyczok, associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Western University, Canada.

US President Joe Biden (left) and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Russian-Western relations are not currently in the best state.

`Those who want to commit aggression to threaten Russia’s basic security interests will regret their actions more than anything else for a long time,` the Kremlin boss emphasized.

In response to the situation, President Biden proposed holding a summit with Putin via a phone call in which he reaffirmed America’s commitment to the `sovereignty and territorial integrity` of Ukraine,

Critics call this a `wrong step`.

`Americans often organize summits of this type as rewards for allies and partners they consider to be of good behavior. Puin will see it as a sign of weakness. If you are trying to show off

Aurel Braun, professor of International Relations and Political Science at the Munk School, agrees.

`Obama used very tough words but did not realize them with corresponding policies,` he said.

`Biden called Putin a ‘murderer’, condemned his actions that threatened Ukraine, and declared his full readiness to support Kiev. However, reality does not show that,` Braun said.

In addition to sending a message to `strengthen` Biden, Putin also had internal motives when performing a show of strength on the Ukrainian border.

The economy is plummeting and food prices in Russia have risen faster than the country’s overall inflation rate, according to a report last month by Rosstat, Russia’s federal statistics agency.

`What is the best way to divert public attention from domestic problems? Carry out an ostentatious foreign policy,` Dyczok said.

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