25 May 2024
Tan Thien Dia caused outrage because he claimed to be a nCoV victim 4

Tan Thien Dia caused outrage because he claimed to be a nCoV victim 4

Korean public opinion criticized Tan Thien Dia claiming to be a victim of Covid-19, claiming that this sect was the source of the outbreak.

In a video posted on YouTube on February 23, Kim Simon, spokesman for Shincheonji (Xincheonji) denied accusations that the sect hid information and objected to `baseless` criticism related to the outbreak.

`We urge everyone not to hate Shincheonji believers,` Kim said.

Many social network users left angry comments under the video, criticizing Tan Thien Dia’s claim to be a `victim` as unreasonable.

`The followers of Shin Thien Dia are definitely the culprits,` one person wrote.

Medical staff disinfected the Shincheonji branch in Suncheon City, South Jeolla Province yesterday.

The online petition asking the Korean government to disband Shincheonji continues to attract support from Korean public opinion and has achieved more than 600,000 signatures after just two days of posting on the presidential website.

`The reason for the spread of Covid-19 in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province is mainly due to their immoral teachings and dishonest cooperation with the authorities’ quarantine efforts,` said a petition supporter.

Yim Hee-young, a 34-year-old housewife and follower of the Korean Presbyterian Church in Seoul, also believes that the Shincheonji sect is responsible for the spread of nCoV throughout the country.

`The Shincheonji followers always claim they are victims, not just in this case. They always hide and refuse to reveal their identities. It is clear that they are responsible for the spread of the virus in this area

South Korea today recorded 60 new cases of nCoV infection, bringing the total number of infected people in the country to 893, of which 9 people have died.

Today, the leader of the sect also agreed to provide authorities with a list of all members in Korea, estimated at 215,000 people.

However, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon expressed doubts about the information provided by Tan Thien Dia, saying the government will search for the sect’s secret locations and monitor all members to restrain them.

`Considering the secret nature of this religious group, we cannot completely trust the list of followers they provide. The government will fully inspect their membership list as soon as possible, even using

Founded in 1984, the Shincheonji sect teaches that founder Lee Man-hee is a reincarnated God and can interpret the Bible most accurately.

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