19 May 2024
5 lifetime deals of billionaire Rupert Murdoch 4

5 lifetime deals of billionaire Rupert Murdoch 4

It took nearly a decade to negotiate, buy and own DirectTV, billionaire Murdoch then had to sell shares of this business to his opponent to regain voting rights at News Corp.

Throughout his career, billionaire Rupert Murdoch has bought and sold so many companies that almost no one can remember the number.

Recently, the billionaire’s 21st Century Fox has just made an offer to buy Time Warner – the unit that owns CNN and CNN Money for more than 75 billion USD.

In 2007, this billionaire pressured to acquire the Wall Street Journal from Dow Jones Securities Company for $5 billion.

Famous for his famous business purchases, Rupert Murdoch also had a few deals that took him a lot of time and effort to conquer, but when successful, they did not last long.

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch – Chairman of News Corp.

1. My Space

Before Facebook appeared and became popular, My Space was considered a `big man` in the field of social networks.

The main reason is that this unit was unable to maintain its leading position in the world and was surpassed by Facebook in just two years.

2. DirectV

Before AT&T announced its plan to buy this unit, billionaire Rupert Murdoch had a hard time owning DirectTV.

Although it took nearly a decade for this deal, in 2006, the billionaire still had to sell the above shares (equivalent to about 7.4 billion USD) to Malone – a rival media unit.

3. TV Guide

In 1988, News Corp spent a huge sum of up to 3 billion USD to own TV Guide – an American magazine at that time.

However, 10 years later, Murdoch decided to leave TV Guide.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers is a local baseball club in California and has achieved many victories.

5. The Village Voice

During the 70s, CNN Money said Murdoch had a time when he was so stressed that he lost his hair making investment decisions.

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