25 May 2024
The mysterious owner of the dusty diary 2

The mysterious owner of the dusty diary 2

Australia A lost diary recording a backpacking journey from the 1990s accidentally created a wave of `crazy` searches for its owner.

A man calling himself David Ryan accidentally found a dusty diary on the top of the cabinet of his rented apartment in Melbourne in early January. The notebook contained notes about a backpacking trip about 20 years ago.

The first pages were written on March 15, 1999.

The notebook also retains articles and souvenir bills from the countries the owner has visited.

Ryan is quickly attracted, as the diary gives him a `strange sense of freedom`.

In mid-January, Ryan went to the Reddit forum to ask social network users to find the real owner of this travel diary.

The mysterious owner of the dusty diary

Tour guide leaflets are carefully kept in the diary.

The search finally yielded results after 6 days, with hundreds of people helping Ryan.

But it wasn’t easy for Ryan to find a way to contact Boyle, because the band last released an album in 2012 and has very little presence on social networks.

`Are you Nick Boyle? I found an old travel diary that I think might belong to you. I followed some names in the notebook and found the band Ziko. One of the members

The mysterious owner of the dusty diary

Nick Boyle, the owner of the lost diary, is the keyboardist of the band Ziko (left).

The keyboardist quickly responded: `Oh my God, this notebook is mine. Where did you find it? It’s amazing. Thank you so much for reaching out. Where are you and we used to

Boyle expressed gratitude to Ryan and apologized for not using social media.

Ryan sent the diary back to Boyle’s address.

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