25 May 2024
Arrive in Ha Giang and go to Lung Phin market 2

Arrive in Ha Giang and go to Lung Phin market 2

Lung Phin market in Ha Giang is not only a place to exchange and buy highland products, but also a love market for young men and young women.

From Meo Vac town, go about 15 km further, on Highway 4C on the road to Dong Van – Meo Vac – Yen Minh, on Monkey and Tiger days, you will see Lung Phin market in Lung Phin commune, district.

This is a big festival of more than 16 ethnic groups living in the Stone Plateau and is one of the unique markets in the northernmost part of Vietnam.

All along the winding road halfway up the mountain, ethnic people in brightly dressed clothes flocked to the market as happily as if they were going to a festival.

As scheduled, right from the early morning, people from all over the villages brought their goods to the market in time for the market.

Arrive in Ha Giang and go to Lung Phin market

Bring the chicken to the market.

However, girls and boys in remote villages go to the market not only to buy and sell but also to have fun and find partners, so everyone wears beautiful clothes like going to a festival.

For highland men, the market is also a place where they can meet and drink wine at the Thang Co pan every week.

When the boys are drunk with alcohol and ecstatic with love, they often sing, `Call me with the sound of the flute/ Why are you so busy singing/ Can’t hear the sound of the flute…/ Bowl of wine in the market place/ I’m drinking so much/ I love you.`

Arrive in Ha Giang and go to Lung Phin market

The way back to the village is far away.

After each market session, everyone feels hesitant and doesn’t want to go home.

Once you come to Lung Phin market to experience the unique features of the market culture of highland people, you will see how simple life is but rich in gratitude.

Story: Le Thuong Photo: Pham Thanh

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