25 May 2024
Three Covid-19 patients in Da Nang recovered 6

Three Covid-19 patients in Da Nang recovered 6

Director of Da Nang Hospital Le Duc Nhan announced on the evening of March 26 that two British patients and the female supermarket employee who was infected by them have recovered.

`Three patients are eligible for discharge, according to the Ministry of Health’s treatment protocol,` said Dr. Nhan.

All three tested negative for nCoV 3 times in a row.

It is expected that the three patients will be discharged from the hospital at 10:00 a.m. on March 27, and will be awarded certificates of health standards.

Doctor Nhan said that the female employee is from Da Nang so she will be quarantined at home under the supervision of the Da Nang Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Two British tourists, `patient 22 and `patient 23`, were announced by the Ministry of Health to have Covid-19 on March 8. They entered the country on flight VN54 on March 2 – this flight had at least 16 people.

After entering the country, the two British people traveled to visit many places and went to Da Nang to travel.

Isolation area for treating positive Covid-19 cases at Da Nang Hospital.

Leaders of Da Nang Hospital said that the treatment regimen for Covid-19 patients strictly complies with the procedures and protocols of the Ministry of Health.

`This virus is very special in that it is highly infectious, so personal protection and treatment procedures must be strictly followed. The hospital has issued 15 detailed treatment procedures for doctors and nurses.`

According to Dr. Nhan, the hospital was successful in treating the first three cases thanks to being proactive and investing from the beginning.

Da Nang currently records 6 Covid-19 cases.

Three patients in Da Nang recovered, bringing the number of recovered cases in Vietnam to 20. Of these, 16 patients recovered from February, one was discharged from the hospital on March 20.

Nguyen Dong

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