19 May 2024
US Admiral warns about Russian submarines 2

US Admiral warns about Russian submarines 2

Commander of the US Navy's 2nd Fleet said that the east coast of this country is no longer a safe place because of modern Russian submarines.

`The new reality is that sailors will have to operate in conflict zones as soon as they leave Norfolk port. Our warships are no longer able to operate freely on the East Coast or cross the Atlantic Ocean without hindrance.`

Vice Admiral Lewis believes that this is the result of the Russian navy stepping up operations in the Atlantic Ocean, including deploying state-of-the-art submarines capable of evading the surveillance systems of the US and its allies.

The Yasen-M class submarine Kazan went to sea at the end of 2018. Photo: Oleg Kuleshov.

The 2nd Fleet was reactivated by the US Navy in 2018 after many years of inactivity, to deal with the presence of Russian submarines in the Atlantic Ocean.

`Russian submarines are more powerful than ever, able to deploy longer and carry many dangerous weapons. American sailors need to determine that they will have to compete with opponents throughout their time at sea.

The Russian Navy in October 2019 held an unprecedented large-scale submarine exercise, deploying up to 10 submarines from the bases of the Northern Fleet in the Murmansk region, northern Russia.

The exercise seems to test many new weapons and evaluate the long-term undersea combat capabilities of submarines in Moscow’s current service.

`The exercise is a demonstration of Russia’s submarine capabilities, as well as the challenge that the US Navy is facing in the Atlantic Ocean. Despite a rather limited budget, the Kremlin continues to invest heavily in the field.

US Admiral warns about Russian submarines

Directions of movement through the GIUK Strait.

An anonymous Pentagon source said that the US Navy deployed a large number of surface ships, submarines and reconnaissance aircraft last fall but could not find the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine of Project 855 `Yasen`.

Western analysts and many senior US officers believe that the Yasen and Yasen-M class submarines are the most formidable opponents of the US Navy because of their low noise, high speed and powerful weapons array with 40 missiles.

Russia has launched three improved Yasen-class submarines.

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