25 May 2024
Apartment costs 400 million VND, broker earns profit of 90 million VND 4

Apartment costs 400 million VND, broker earns profit of 90 million VND 4

Being late and not being able to register for a super cheap apartment in Dai Thanh (Hanoi), many customers came to the agent and were told the difference was up to 90 million VND.> Hanoi real estate fever with cheap houses> Today's real estate broker

Dai Thanh Apartment in the south of Hanoi is a phenomenon in the real estate market when the investor decided to lower the price of some small apartments to 10 million VND per square meter, attracting the attention of many couples.

Seeing that the price difference was too high, Mr. Cuong and his wife did not decide to get the apartment right away.

`The price difference like that is too high, each square meter like that is 2 million more expensive than the original price, so it’s not cheap anymore,` Mr. Cuong calculated.

After a few days of thinking, 2 days ago, Ms. Dinh Thuy Linh and her husband decided to spend money to buy a 47m2 apartment at Dai Thanh apartment building.

Dai Thanh apartment project.

Before the investor reduced the selling price of the apartment to 10 million VND per square meter, most customers buying apartments only had to bear a difference of 5-10 million VND per apartment.

On October 17, I contacted a broker to ask about buying a corner apartment with an area of more than 47 square meters on the 8th floor at the Dai Thanh project. He offered a price difference of up to 80 million VND, an apartment with an area of more than 36 square meters, a difference of 35 million VND.

Asking for an apartment with an area of more than 38m2, floors 9 and 18, another broker named Minh also shouted a price difference of up to 60 million VND.

According to the current Housing Law regulations, apartments must have an area of not less than 45m2, so many people are worried that buying apartments from the Dai Thanh project will not be issued a red book.

Professor Dang Hung Vo said that in order to avoid consequences and let people truly feel secure when buying a house, in cases where projects do not have enough implementation procedures, management agencies must speak up, and should not let this situation happen.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, a house buyer in this project, commented that if the `trigger` is real estate floors, the price difference is very high, from 40-80 million VND for a beautiful apartment on the 6th to 20th floor.

Ms. Hoang Thi Hoa, a real estate agent in Trung Hoa, Nhan Chinh, believes that home buyers should not be too eager to bear the high price difference.

`Many high-end apartment brokers nowadays don’t dare to ask for such a high price difference. Just having a customer ask to buy and the difference is 40-50 million VND is enough to be happy, not to mention cheap houses,` Ms. Hoa shared.

Professor Dang Hung Vo – former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment said that the difference in apartment selling prices compared to the original price is still a major `disability` of the Vietnamese real estate market.

“We should not trust the exchange absolutely because the exchange is also a business.

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